About Our Firm

Skawski Law Offices was founded and has succeeded on the time-honored concepts of trust, performance, and value. We strive to keep our clients well-informed, tailoring a cost-effective strategy for each case while aggressively pursuing our clients' interests.

We understand businesses must continue to operate even in the face of litigation, and must minimize costs to maximize returns. From the moment we take on a case, we work to understand our client's business so we may lessen the burden and develop a plan that fits within its short- and long-term goals. With a small but elite team of attorneys, we pride ourselves on providing premier legal services to our business clients at rates more favorable to the bottom line than those of large Chicago firms.

Likewise, we understand many individuals have never been involved in a lawsuit. Whether they are pursuing their own claim or defending a suit brought against them, the litigation process may seem daunting. To lessen our clients' concerns, we provide regular updates on all aspects of their case, informing them of immediate concerns and long-range plans. If a client has a question, we promptly provide an answer.

Additionally, we work with our clients to reach a fee arrangement right for them, whether it is an hourly rate, on a contingency basis, or a hybrid fee arrangement. Our number one priority is ensuring each and every one of our clients receives exceptional legal service.

The attorneys at Skawski Law Offices are always available to provide detail oriented, ethical, trustworthy, and client-driven representation. Contact us today to learn how we can help.
If you are interested in discussing how Skawski Law Offices, LLC can potentially represent your legal interests, then please contact us at 630.472.9500 or [email protected].
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