Insurance Coverage

No two insurance claims are identical. Each involves a unique set of facts that, when viewed as a whole, determines when and to what extent a claim is covered. As a result, the question of coverage is typically the subject of intense disagreement between the parties. With thousands or millions of dollars on the line, it is important to retain knowledgeable and experienced representation to effectively protect your interests in any dispute.

At Skawski Law Offices, our work begins when a claim arises and does not stop until a resolution is reached. Our attorneys conduct a thorough review of the claim file and the relevant policy language to prepare an in-depth coverage opinion. When possible, we resolve disputes without litigation, either through direct negotiations or alternative dispute resolution. However, if necessary, our insurance attorneys possess extensive experience in state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate levels, allowing us to aggressively litigate our client's contractual and extra-contractual rights and obligations to obtain a favorable result. We tailor our plan to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients, whether that involves obtaining contracted for benefits under a policy on behalf of an insured or a declaration of no coverage on behalf of the insurer.

The attorneys at Skawski Law Offices are committed to providing exceptional representation and guidance in coverage disputes throughout the country. Our firm is familiar with and knowledgeable of a variety of insurance products, having advised clients on issues arising under Commercial General Liability, Employer Liability and Worker's Compensation, Commercial Auto, and Property policies, and with claims arising out of construction defects, workplace accidents, personal injury, premises liability, wrongful death, and civil rights violations, among other issues. Our attorneys stay abreast of recent developments and trends throughout the country, allowing us to effectively advocate for changes in the law when appropriate.
If you are interested in discussing how Skawski Law Offices, LLC can potentially represent your legal interests, then please contact us at 630.472.9500 or [email protected].
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