Civil Litigation Hillside, IL for the Hillside, IL area

While our goal is to prevent formal legal proceedings and to quickly resolve matters in our clients' favor, as experienced trial attorneys with a long track record of success, Skawski Law Offices stands ready to take even the most complex civil cases to trial. Our clients include major corporations, small businesses, and individuals spanning multiple industries, including commercial trucking companies, construction companies and professionals, homeowners and condominium associations, real estate developers, and others. With decades of experience defending a variety of personal injury and premises liability claims, Skawski Law Offices provides a carefully tailored defense. The firm's civil litigation representation also includes claims seeking equitable remedies, such as injunctive relief and declaratory judgments.

As a subset of our civil litigation practice, Skawski Law Offices represents educational institutions. Schools are afforded protections from certain claims under the Local Governmental and Governmental Tort Immunity Act and the Illinois School Code. The attorneys at Skawski Law Offices have defended schools - public, private, and charter; districts; and administrators and faculty in a variety of claims.

Our civil litigation attorneys' experience involves defending and prosecuting claims in both state and federal court, and before state and federal administrative agencies. When appropriate, we pursue alternative dispute resolution. Regardless of the venue, our trial attorneys provide exceptional representation and outstanding client service from pre-suit through any appeal.
If you are interested in discussing how Skawski Law Offices, LLC can potentially represent your legal interests, then please contact us at 630.472.9500 or [email protected].
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